Quality Control

The success of MS2 is attributed to our ability to consistently deliver value based quality to each client. A reliable Quality Control process is in place that is flexible to the needs of each project. Although design parameters, time constraints and financial expectations are unique to each project, our design staff expertise combined with our quality control process allows us to proudly deliver value to every Client.

Our Director of Quality Assurance, an experienced member of MS2’s Senior Staff, is responsible for verifying that all projects have the appropriate level of quality for full Client satisfaction and that the design of each project is based upon sound engineering judgment. 

The Quality Control Process is applied to all levels of the design process from inception through Owner occupancy. Project Managers, Project Engineers and Design Staff meet with the Director of Quality Assurance to discuss the design parameters. MS2 requests design documents from all consultants be submitted, ensuring review efforts are coordinated between all disciplines. Detailed project review sessions are conducted by the Director of Quality Assurance in a timely manner, allowing for necessary quality improvement suggestions to be passed on to other consultants and incorporated into the project design documents.

A written checklist has been compiled from years of quality control experience to be a useful tool in ensuring comprehensive and well engineered design documents. However, our Quality Control process also relies upon coordination with the Client to verify the project’s value based design goals, such as:
  • Budget
  • Quality
  • Owner’s Long Term Value
  • Current Market Trends
  • Code Compliance
  • Environmental Goals
  • Public Safety

Ultimately, MS2’s Quality Control process assists each consultant of the design team in providing value to the Owner.

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