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Company Overview

Since Michael O’Shea, Stephen Kovner and Samuel Perez founded MS2 Engineering Consultants in 1994, the firm has earned a reputation among architects and contractors as an experienced and innovative leader in mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering design throughout San Antonio, Central Texas and beyond.

MS2 operates with one mission in mind: 

To achieve overall design effectiveness while providing uncompromised personal service.

Embracing this goal, the firm incorporates a structured design process that ensures effectiveness while offering the flexibility to meet each client’s needs. This value-based design philosophy, which emphasizes project-specific goals attained within budgetary parameters, contributes to MS2’s extensive repeat client base.

A comprehensive list of established resources and design tools are unsurpassed
in the market and distinguishes MS2 from other MEP firms:

  • Full Range of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Design Services
  • Experienced Engineering and Design Staff
  • Value-based Design Philosophy
  • Customized Quality Control Process
  • Time-management Tools
  • LEED-Certified Engineers
  • LEED-Commissioning Services
  • Latest Design Technology Software

With senior staff experience averaging more than 25 years and design staff experience averaging more than 17 years, MS2 commits to a reliable and innovative team to support each client.

Additionally, our experience extends beyond the borders of Texas and includes an in-house engineering staff licensed to practice in many states, including Colorado, Florida, Louisiana and Tennessee.

MS2 recognizes that low employee turnover is vital to ensuring a cohesive design team, which in turn enables us to deliver the highest value to clients. We encourage and reward staff who are pursuing continuing education credits and/or graduate-level degrees. Creativity and innovation are instrumental to MS2’s design process, and we fully support such staff initiative.

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